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Over 3000 Cedar Park and Northwest Austin pet owners rely on Avery Ranch Animal Hospital for their veterinary needs.

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Where Relationships are Forged

There is a borderland where the lives of people and animals meet. It is where relationships are forged, and where memories are made. It is a special place that can bring out the very best from all of us, and it opens up new dimensions to our lives.

At Avery Ranch Animal Hospital, we live and work in that place every day, so we understand the bond between you and your pet. That’s why we put an extra fuzzy towel in a kennel. It’s why we grow fresh catnip in our garden. We’ll greet you and your pet by name, because to us, you aren’t just an appointment on the books – you are part of our community. That’s why over 3000 Cedar Park and Northwest Austin pet owners rely on Avery Ranch Animal Hospital for their veterinary needs.
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Our Services

Avery Ranch Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary medical clinic that offers a broad range of animal healthcare services to help manage the ongoing health of your pet. Our state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive services are designed to assist your pet through every life stage – from puppy and kittenhood through the golden years. Our warm, welcoming and highly skilled staff remain dedicated to providing individualized care and attention to each and every patient, while also delivering exceptional service to our valued clients.

Wellness Care

Thorough "nose to tail" physical examination, vaccinations, weight check, parasite prevention and control, and any diagnostic testing that our staff deems necessary.


Our highly skilled, experienced staff provides comprehensive veterinary dental services to help our patients enjoy healthy teeth and gums for life.

General Surgery

Our skilled veterinary surgeon performs a wide range of procedures using the highest standard of care and the most modern veterinary surgical techniques and equipment.


Animals boarding with us receive one-on-one attention, ample opportunity to exercise, and warm, comfortable places to cuddle and sleep. When you're away, your pet is in caring, capable hands.


We offer a broad range of comprehensive and advanced diagnostic tools - from routine blood work, urine or fecal analysis to more complex procedures, such as X-Ray and ultrasound imaging.

Behavioral Counseling

Whether it's excessive barking, eliminating in the house or outside the litter-box, biting, destructive behavior, separation anxiety or more, our experienced, patient staff is ready to assist in getting those undesirable behaviors under control once and for all.


We offer the most widely-used pharmaceutical treatments and therapies on the market.

Honest Reviews

I left feeling well informed of the charges (which I felt were very reasonable) and what to expect on surgery day. The vet techs are so sweet and made the whole process from appointment to check out a pleasure. I have definitely found our vet!
They first gave him an exam and made sure he was healthy for surgery. While Teddy was under, they even cut his nails!! Teddy came out happy and ready to go!
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